Updated: Sep 21, 2019

To start the creation of our new website off right, we wanted to share 5 simple ideas on how to get creative for Halloween before it sneaks up on you and you find yourself scrambling!

1. Start collecting all your empty toilet paper rolls!! There are so many fun crafts out of those! Take two toilet paper rolls and cut one of them in half so it is flat like a piece of paper. Then cut out the shape of bat wings and glue it to the other toilet paper roll (that one becomes the "body") You can even glue some eyes and fun things onto the front. That's It! Super simple and kids love it.

2. Tissue Paper Pumpkins! These are some of my daughter's favorite. If you have any old tissue paper around the house take 5 tissue sheets and fold them accordion/fan style, wrap a string/wire around the middle of the five folded sheets. Now pull the sheets apart on both sides to make a fluffy ball. Now you can cut out triangles and other shapes out of card-stalk for eyes and such and glue on whatever kind of a face you can think up!

3. Just string up one single strand of orange or purple lights in your window, you don't need to go all out in order to feel a little festive! :)

4. Grab an old white sheet you are ready to throw out and cut it into a small square. Throw some crumpled up newspaper into the middle to create a head. Tie it closed with yarn and you have a ghost to hang in your tree!

5. When all crafty creativity fails, Jump in the kitchen and bake some cookies! It wont last long but it will be yummy and fun memories in the kitchen last forever!

Remember for us to have a healthy life we need to find time to have fun, explore, and learn new things. So as we go along doing our Yoga, and watching what we eat, lets remember to play!


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