2020, Time to conquer!

The holidays are over, the reality of getting back into work and school is now fully upon us. The question what?

Today is the perfect time to find that one thing that has gnawed at you for too long. That simple but important dream that you have kept on the shelf. Let's take our dreams out of the closet, pull open our blinds, let the sun shine into our hearts, and choose to act!

I have been following Wild We Roam on youtube and absolutely have fallen in love with their journey! They just released an Ebook that I recommend you all go check out. In this Ebook they tell their story and extend challenges to help others conquer and become. As I read through their pages and began participating in their challenges (January is building 'Grit') I thought to myself "I have no Grit, I have no aggressive passion to break free from my current state in order to become a new creature." This realization was shocking. I realized that I have been content to stay apathetically dormant. Today this changes!

For January I invite you to find Grit! Find your aggressive passion to change, to improve, to bring about more needed light and enlightenment that you might break free and become a new and better version of yourself. Fight for your joy, fight for your life, fight with passion for the opportunity to wake up tomorrow and have a completely new adventure.


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