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We are so excited to be connecting with you and helping you to achieve the love and joy in your inner-self that you deserve.

October 5th & 19th @ 9am

Living With Joy

Have you ever met those people who seem to be happy all the time, no matter the obstacles they face? Well, they have a secret and they may not even know it. Come and learn the key elements to living a life with joy, no matter the mountains or molehills you encounter.

$10 per class

Classes held inside

Melanie's Health and Nutrition

November 9th $ 23rd @ 9am

Generating Gratitude

Did you know that every emotion has a vibration, fear being the lowest and gratitude being the very highest? In the November classes we will learn how to raise the vibration level we live on. Come raise you vibrations!

$10 per class

Classes held inside

Melanie's Health and Nutrition

December 7th & 21st @ 9am

You Have Worth

This is the month we celebrate the birth of our Savior, however, do we ever stop to think that His sacrifice was His celebration of us? Come and be reminded that there is someone, much greater than you, who thinks you are worth everything! Rediscover your worth.



Classes held inside

Melanie's Health and Nutrition

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Twice a month we offer interactive classes that will help you process through barriers, heal the heart, and find much needed wisdom.

one on one coaching

We offer personalized spiritual coaching for those who are ready to release that which does not serve them and embrace new life with posibility and peace.




We offer a number of modalities for massage and bodywork, including prenatal and lomi lomi. We also offer full Doula services and private yoga classes.